Mission Statement

    We don't offer a simple transaction - we're an enduring network of support . Our team is comprised of today's students seeking to forge tomorrow's leaders. We establish connections between high school students and successful college students. This way, high school students are prepared for every aspect of college and beyond. Our first step, however, is to support our clients' success in the admissions process so that doors of opportunity will naturally open to them.

    With college acceptance rates dropping every year, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get accepted into universities across the country. We seek to provide mentorship opportunities for students to not only build strong applicant profiles, but more importantly, to develop strong character traits and delve into their own interests.

    With information and resources from top college admissions counselors, top 15 university attendees, and the universities themselves, we have created a program to set our student clients waves above the others. By providing consultations in the areas of interview preparation, resume building, and essay revision, we seek to prepare the next generation of students for this daunting and stressful journey.

Mentorship, Networking, and More