How Profile Refinement Works

Base 15's Profile Refinement program focuses on personal developing, rather than simply focusing on the college admissions process. We help students choose and develop their own interests so that when they apply, they can easily present themselves in a structured yet creative fashion.

We work on both personal development and professional interests with our grades 9-11s and pair our students with mentors who help them to cultivate their own path to success.

Grades 9-10

For current high school students between grades 9 to 10, we hone in on creating a substantial and useful extra curricular and academic foundation. We help you choose your extra curriculars and attain genuine roles that are beneficial to both your personal development and your application. Moreover, we help you choose suitable classes and standardized tests to improve your academic credentials. We evaluate your summer opportunities, including but not limited to athletics, internships, jobs, and ultimately help you select which choices are most advantageous to pursue given your limited time.

Grade 11

In addition to what we do for our grade 9 and 10 students, we help our grade 11 students to prepare for the upcoming application process. We ensure our students are aware of all deadlines, whether it be for early application process or standardized test registrations. Our consultants will help students establish relationships with their teachers to attain strong reference letters. Students who work through our service will not only be ready to apply to college, but more importantly, will know how to leverage their structured understanding of the admissions cycle to be successful in the process.