Why Base 15 Overnights?

A Tangible Experience

Rather than simply learning about a school online, students participating in our overnights are able to see college life for themselves and physically experience the schools.

Major-specific Courses

With access to course listing, you can choose to attend any lectures of your choice with world renowned lecturers, Nobel-award laureates, and the brightest students in the country.

Understanding School Culture

You will be able to speak to current undergraduates to gain a better understanding of the academic and social environment, as well as job prospects for students with different majors.

Flexible Schedule

You will be able to visit any time of the year, on any days and times that you choose. In addition, if you are not content with your host after your initial online outreach, you'll have the option to switch.


All food and transportation costs after you arrive on campus are covered in all of our packages, so all you can focus on enjoying your time at the school, not worrying about unnecessary expenses!

Tailored Visit

You will be able to speak to your assigned host ahead of time to construct a full itinerary consisting of events and classes you would like to attend, as well as places you would like to visit over your stay.

A Personalized Overnight Experience

A college campus visit like no other!

Custom Itinerary
Your host will prepare a custom itinerary with you to optimize your time at the college. You'll be able to sit in on classes, meet faculty and other students, and understand the school culture.
A Compatible Host
Based on your own interests and tastes, we'll pair you up with a host with your intended major who will give you insights to many aspects of school life, including your program, dorm life, food options, etc.
Experience College Campus
Once you arrive on campus, our host will meet you and guide you to your residence. All residence and meal accommodations will be covered, so all you have to do is relax and enjoy!

The Overnight Experience and Your Application Process

The college application cycle is often a time of great stress, as students are forced to make a number of difficult decisions. Not only must they narrow down dozens of schools into a handful of viable options to apply to, but upon acceptance, they must choose where to spend the next four years of their lives.

Standard college tours simply don't offer much valuable insights to school life. These standard tours last a mere hour to hour and a half in which students only are able to see a fraction of the campus and facilities available. Along with this, tour guide simply provide rehearsed, scripted lines and rarely provide genuine insights to school culture. In these tours, many facilities are not open or are restricted for tours. The typical college tour provides little information as to what college life truly is like, but Base 15 now provides a premium solution to this problem.

Our overnight experience is ideal for any student who wishes to genuinely understand what colleges have to offer. Each overnight student will be paired with a hosting undergraduate student who has similar interests and passions. The host will work with you to form an itinerary to fit your needs and desires, so that you can see everything you would like to see over your trip. All food and residence accommodations that occur during the trip will be covered. This is a worry free trip, where you can immerse yourself in the school and evaluate whether or not it is truly a good fit for you.

Overnight Options

One Day Experience


Meals/residence included

24 hours with host

Opportunity to attend classes


Two Day Experience


Meals/residence included

48 hours with host

Opportunity to attend classes


Three Day Experience


Meals/residence included

72 hours with host

Opportunity to attend classes