The Interview

An underrated portion of the college application, the interview is the only opportunity in which a student's application may be asses not through numbers, but through personality. Interviews are typically conducted by university alumni and help add another dimension to an applicant's profile. Many of our consultants have worked as interview representatives in admissions offices, so we know exactly what questions are asked and how to best approach them.

In interview practice, our consultants will delve into the specific questions that are asked by particular schools, as well as how to best approach them to showcase applicant strengths. Sample interviews will be assessed and applicants will gain a comprehensive understanding of what constitutes a successful interview. Consultants will conduct mock-interviews in which the consultant will take notes and provide direct feedback to the student. There are four predominant skills that we will work on with the student:

Shaping a story.

Regardless of whether you are being interviewed for a college, job, or internship, your interviewer will ask about you who you are, what you like, and your experiences. We delve into your experiences, both school-related and personal, and help you develop an intriguing story that will intrigue anyone who has the fortune of interviewing you. Through this, we will ensure that you always have something interesting to talk about during your interview.

Building a Relationship and Showcasing Strengths

The interview is not a situation in which the interviewer asks questions and you answer them. An interview is a chance for you to your relationship with your interviewer to get a better understanding of the school as well as have their support in the application process. We hone in on the social skills and cues that students should notice, and how to react appropriately to them. All students have unique strengths, whether they know it or not. We will help you evaluate these strengths and create a structure to let them shine. We help you to assess your weaknesses honestly and brainstorm ways of overcoming them. Gain insight to school culture through our consultants' insights. Our consultants' many years of experience at these schools

Our Exclusive and Comprehensive Interview Bank

Our consultants' experience in admissions offices -particularly in conducting interviews- allows us to understand the what the contemporary interview system is like. We provide you this information, so that you can rehearse and prepare for the many questions that colleges use over and over again. Consequently, you will already have encountered a large portion of the questions you will receive before the interview, and will no doubt ace them.

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