Meet Our Valuable Team

Aaron Guo
Founder, CEO

Aaron Guo is an economics and statistics double major at the University of Chicago. He is originally from Toronto, where Drake has a religious following and parking spots are rarer than unicorns. A single student in a Canadian public school of more than two thousand students -few of which intended to apply to US Colleges -Aaron had very limited time to speak to the five guidance counselors at his school. Without a choice, Aaron navigated the daunting application process without any type of guidance. Discussing application process with his peers, Aaron realized that both his American and international peers dealt with the same underlying issues. To address these issues, he founded Base 15 Admissions Consulting to in hopes of simplifying the college application process for other students.

Taye Baldinazzo
Co-Founder, COO

Taye Baldinazzo is a student at the University of Chicago pursuing a double major in economics and mathematics. Hailing from Columbia, Maryland, Taye has been involved in educational volunteering since he was eleven years old, when he began working with disabled toddlers to improve their English literacy skills. As a college applicant, Taye noticed a strong stigma in his local region against applying to top colleges, particularly in impoverished regions. Refusing to resign to these beliefs, he diligently researched the nuances of the college application process and spoke to peers in his target schools to learn about their experiences. Now at UChicago, he is working with Aaron to help give other high school applicants the same insight to their dream colleges by connecting them with undergraduate mentors.

Lukas Elsrode
Co-Founder, CFO

Lukas is an undergraduate student at the University of Chicago pursuing his passion in Physics and minoring in Philosophy. An avid short-story and fiction writer, Lukas relished the opportunity to showcase his creative writing talents in his college essays. He applied to US colleges from Singapore, where he attended a predominantly British school. While most of his classmates had applied to European and British universities, he found insights and skills for these colleges were often not transferable to the American. Through research and outreach to high school alumni at these US colleges, he gained an unparalleled insight to these schools and through Base 15, hopes to share this insight with current high school students so that they can study at the US college of their dreams.

Chad Schmerling
Co-Founder, CMO

Chad is a second-year at the University of Chicago studying Economics and Statistics. Chad has a passion for helping others with their SAT's, ACT's, and college applications. In college, he is involved in the Chicago Debate Society and the John W. Rogers program in finance. Chad's interests include college admissions, number theory, finance, basketball, and bowling.

Mickey Friedman
Co-Founder, CTO

Mickey Friedman is a Statistics Major and Computer Science minor at the University of Chicago. A native New Yorker, Mickey took a gap year after high school to experience the tech scene in "Silicon Alley" before applying to the University of Chicago. She believes that her hands on coding experience made her a unique applicant in the increasingly competitive college process, and encourages other students interested in Computer Science to cultivate their skills and stand out with creative coding projects. As CTO, Mickey built this website, which she hopes will streamline the process of connecting ambitious students with successful undergraduate mentors.

Alex Guo
Lead Developer

Alex Guo is a high school student studying in the TOPS (Talented Offerings for Programs in the Sciences) Program. Oftentimes, Alex will be seen in the school hall muttering indistinguishable profanities under this breath as he despairs over his Fantasy NBA lineups egregious performance. Alex has nurtured his interest in web design through Base 15, and aspires to become a computer science or engineering student in university, where he can further his passion and gain hands-on experience in the field.As someone who is often surrounded by the most capable young minds around the world, the Base 15 web site is Alex's way of connecting ambitious students with successful mentors that will unlock their full potentials.