Essay Construction

Your standardized test scores and GPA are merely what get your foot in the door; your essay is what opens that door. Applications with strong academics are received in drones by admissions officers and are so common that they are simply homogenous. Demonstrating interest, showing fit, and standing out are what differentiates a strong applicant from a successful applicant. An excellent essay allow you to shine in pools of tens of thousands of applicants who are numerically just as qualified as you. Few high schoolers have the writing abilities and resources necessary to create that excellent essay. This is where we come in to help.

You will be able to work with your personal consultant through every step of the essay. If you would like to send your essay in for revision, each essay of 1000 words or less will count as one single consulting hour. Our rate is 1000 words per one hour. Our consultants will track changes and provide you with detailed critiques of each part of the essay, as well as provide you with an overall assessment of the essay.

Every essay consultant on our team has gone through our comprehensive onboarding process, including grammar, sentence structure, and vocabulary workshops. Our team readily detects common structural flaws and grammatical errors and will help you carve out your perfect essay. Simply put, the standard and type of writing that admission officers expect at elite US institutions are far different than what most students have traditionally been taught in school. Essays must be stylistic, concise, witty, and most of all, engaging. We help bring out the best in our clients so that your stories, your experiences, and your charm all shine in each essay you write.

A Base 15 Consulting Essay-Makeover