Base 15?

We only recruit consultants from the top colleges in the world- the best students from the best colleges.
We'll connect you with current undergrads and provide you access to hundreds of accepted essays. You'll have the inside scoop to the college admissions process.
You'll be able to work with the consultant of your choice program and school to improve Guaranteed.
Unrestricted access to a Facebook network of the top students from across the globe.
Our network will not only help you get into college, but with everything that comes afterwards -securing internships, choosing classes, and more.

What We Offer

Impeccable Service

Each of our hand-picked consultants has undergone hours of rigorous training and extensive preparation before meeting a single client. With their ample resources and expansive knowledge, our personable consultants will deliver each of our services with professionalism and efficacy.


Schedule sessions freely

With Base 15, you will have the freedom to schedule sessions in any service of choice at your time of choice. Regardless of where you are in the world, our online consultants will be able to work with you to accommodate your schedule and preferences.


Systematic Improvement Framework

Our calculated processes ensure improvement in our three areas of expertise: resumes building, essay construction and interview preparation. Our organized curriculum and materials will ensure that you experience a continuous, comfortable curve of improvement.


Maximizing Chances

Our consultants will evaluate you in the same aspects that the admissions officers do - criteria like transcripts, extracurriculars, writing, interview, resume - to ensure that you portray yourself as a well-rounded, accomplished individual with many key extracurriculars and experiences.


The Problems with Today's Admissions Consultants

  • Consultant
    Student Disconnect

    Traditional application consultants have experience in admissions from decades ago, and are simply unaware of what today's admissions counselors officers expect from their applicants.

  • International Exclusion

    With limited access to students at these top schools and particularly difficult criteria for acceptance, international students find themselves in a highly competitive pool where every point and every word counts.

  • Complexity of

    The college application is a highly complex process. Over the years, it has only become more and more difficult. Without assistance from experts it is very common to make mistakes, which, within college admissions, can be the difference between an acceptance or rejection letter.

  • Consultant
    Guidance Inadequacy

    Each US public high school student spends on average 38 minutes with his/her guidance counselor throughout the 4 years of schooling. On average, guidance counselors are responsible for 491 students each. Needless to say, these counselors do not provide adequate support.

Our Solution

We give our clients an unbelievable advantage in the admissions process

  • Student Focus

    We'll help you apply to any US college -even if it's not in the top 15. We provide a personalized service that emphasizes your unique strengths, improves your weaknesses, and maximizes your chances of acceptance.

  • Consultant-Student Connection

    Unlike other companies, our consultants aren't in their mid forties; they're current undergraduate students at top schools who are familiar with today's application process and the steps necessary to succeed.

  • Simplification of your Application

    Our consultants have successfully gone through the college application process, as well as our rigorous on-boarding and training program. Don't worry; we'll guide you to a successful application cycle.

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